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About Cassie

Cassie Howington was born in San Luis Obispo, California, raised in Canton, Ohio and currently lives in Southern Nevada.

Inspired by her mother several years ago, she began painting canvases for therapy and enjoyment. Cassie is a physically challenged, self-taught, abstract expressionist artist whose work portrays the non- objective of visual reality. Her use of color and texture conveys her emotions to the canvas, which depicts elements of the natural world and interesting images that are open to one’s own interpretation. Because of limitations with her hands, she is largely dependent on creating her unique style of fluid pours along with other acrylic mediums, through utilizing different tangible objects instead of brushes.

"Before I begin painting, I listen to music… a combination of genres from contemporary electronic music to classic rock, and in between. This opens my mind to freely create, which takes me a world away from my daily physical challenges." Enjoy!

The Challenger

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